Occupational Health Insurance benefits form an important part of an employee benefits package. Providing the right benefits at the right level is an essential part of attracting, retaining and getting the most out of your staff

Occupational Health for your business
Implementing a plan needs careful consideration – it’s not a quick solution, but rather a potentially invaluable tool within a company’s wider cultural and strategic approach, one that can have a significant impact on a workforce’s loyalty, motivation and productivity. Minimising both sickness and unauthorised absences is of vital importance to the competiveness of companies trading within the UK. As an employer you have a vested interest in introducing an absence management strategy incorporating an occupational health scheme, to help ensure you have a healthy and well-motivated workforce.

What does an Occupational Health Package Provide?
The benefits available are extensive and include telephone counselling and advice lines, critical incident, serious illness and accident support, commercial legal advice for HR professionals, health surveillance risk audits, GP callbacks and medical information. Access to HR expertise also provides a welcome safety net to companies having to navigate the complexities of health, safety and employment legislation.

How much is sickness and unauthorised absence costing your business?
Do you have an absence management policy?
How many days are lost alongside the impact of recruiting temporary or permanent replacements, training and loss of productivity?
What are the causes of absence?
If you review sickness/absence data, what a percentage might translate into in terms of payroll costs?

What value might your employees place upon this provision?
The likelihood is that the value they perceive far exceeds the actual costs to you. Then there’s the emotional benefit – how they might perceive you more positively as an employer, increasing workplace contentment and loyalty.

Helping you find an Occupational Health Plan that works
As well as working closely with you to determine the best plan for your business, we will be pleased to help you identify key priorities, guide you to the best available solution and provide you with ongoing support.