Cx Congress saw its 6th annual show happening over 14th/15th June in Nottingham at De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, which focuses around bringing together key players in the field of customer experience for veterinary care teams.  Here at Shire Insurance & Finance Brokers we love to put ourselves where our people are and, so we attended this event for the third year running.

Keith, Mia & Olivia at CX Congress

Keith, Mia & Olivia at CX Congress

As we are aware health and wellbeing are now considered more and more by all types of industries and veterinary is no different, with 59% of all vets describing themselves as ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressed (*vetsurvery 2018), an importance on staff being happy and looked after at work is becoming more and more prevalent. At Shire Insurance we pride ourselves on giving the best advice, having extensive knowledge and delivering it all to the highest standards for our clients.

For Mia Jackson and Olivia Lowell from our Shire Insurance Health & Wellness department, it was their first event they joined Keith Dickinson, our founder, on the stand to meet and greet some of our wonderful customers and explain more about the services and products we offer, please see below for a brief overview –

  • VetPerks is our well thought out package for every staff member of the team to benefit from. We all know every day living is costly and our pay packet doesn’t always go as far as we want it to, with VetPerks you can do exactly that – make your pay packet go further. You can get money back on a range of day to day health care services from: – Dental Cover + Optical Reimbursements + Physiotherapy  + 24/7 Helpline + GP Services +  NHS Prescription Repayments. Along with that you can also get your hands on exclusive Shopping Discounts and Rewards, which can help your food shop go a little further, or a day out with the children or a little treat for yourself.
  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI) can be the next level of care for many when it comes to the consideration of their health & well-being. PMI is to TREAT, RECOVER & ASSESS illness and/or conditions that need treatment for the client to get back to living their life as normal. The benefits behind PMI cover :- Peace of Mind + Reduced Waiting Times + Advanced Medication + Continued Cover When Needed + Private Accommodation + Faster Recovery + Specialist Support
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) helps you take care of your staff’s mental health and wellbeing, we all know that mental health is a current concern among all industries and the veterinary industry is no different, with vets being 4 times more likely to commit suicide (* . We don’t know the meaning behind this, but research lends to a combination of long hours, stress of the job, debt and workload, at Shire Health & Wellness Insurance we feel it’s extremely important for all employees to be happy at work and feel they have a support network to go to, if needed. The EAP offers :- 24/7 Counsellors + Telephone Support + Face-to-Face Counselling + Management Support + Web Support

Meeting our customers is one of the most important part of our jobs and these events give us the chance to put faces to names, here’s what Mia had to say about her day at Cx Congress “I really enjoyed my first Vet show! It was lovely to meet existing clients and also potential new clients. It was great to get the experience of a vet show where all clients were very friendly.”

For Shire Insurance it’s an opportunity to get out there and speak to our customers and meet the wonderful people we deal with on a day to day basis within the veterinary industry. Check out our website for more information on our products and keep your eyes open for more of our blogs coming out weekly.