Did you know that September is gynaecological cancer awareness month.  According to a recent Bupa Health Clinics report, one in ten women will miss or delay potentially life saving cancer screenings.

With the increased demands and workload currently affecting the veterinary profession, many of the women employed within it, may decide they cannot attend an appointment with their GP for a health check and screening and will either miss or delay their appointment, which for some could be a life changing and sadly potentially fatal decision.

According to the most recent survey by the RCVS in 2018, the combined number of female practising veterinary surgeons and registered nurses exceeded 30,000 and this number seems set to continue to rise.  Many of these are highly trained and very experienced members of the team, who given the staff shortages within the profession, the effect of the pandemic, client expectations of care and the work/family life balance, may be experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, all of which can contribute to or trigger ill health.

29% of employers now provide health assessments as part of their core employee benefits package, helping them to retain talent, increase morale and lower employee absence as a result of sickness.

From basic assessments. including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, nutrition and lifestyle reviews to more comprehensive plans, offering advanced fitness screening and testing for specific cancers, there is a package to suit every veterinary practice, whatever it’s size.

Healthcare providers have an ever increasing number of add ons for women, via their next generation of health assessments, including breast and cervical health checks, workstation checks for pregnant women, women’s health physiotherapy and EAP’s for instant mental health relief and practical life advice.

Looking after your team has a direct benefit. They will feel more equipped to work at the level they aspire to. They will be able to look after the patients in their care and the clients who rely on them day to day.

At Shire we have a dedicated health and wellbeing department. An experienced and friendly team, who have worked with the UK’s top health insurance providers for many years.  We offer a wide range of healthcare cover and employee benefit packages that can be tailored to your practice, whatever it’s size.  

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