“Shire horses, for all of their dignity, grace and majesty, are a breed under threat. For centuries this loyal horse has served man, fearlessly taking him into war, tirelessly working the land, and transporting him and his goods the length and breadth of this country”.

The Shire Horse Society is the only charity dedicated to protecting, promoting and improving the breed.  It was established in 1878 and has worked very hard over the years to ensure that these magnificent horses were not consigned to the history books.

The rise of the motor vehicle, the decline of the use of horses in transport, industry and agriculture meant that this has at times been very difficult.

Drastic action was required in the 1960’s to reverse the falling number of Shires.

Fortunately their determined efforts and hard work paid off. Today the breed looks good with a resurgence of interest in Shire horses. High breed standards need to be maintained and stallions are inspected before full registration in the Stud book is permitted.

The Shire Horse National Show takes place every March and is the largest gathering of Shire horses in the UK, possibly the World.  In 2012 the society introduced their campaign ‘Save our Shires” to raise awareness. They are entirely reliant on donations and sponsorship to continue their work.

Shire Insurance are now sponsors of the annual show in Newark and we look forward to working with the charity going forwards.

If you would like to know more about the breed and the work of the Shire Horse Society, please visit their website https://www.shire-horse.org.uk/.