Two days of inspiring talks, support and leadership skills were enjoyed by the Vet Dynamics members last month. Shire introduced several new attendees to the conference via a free admission ticket.

The vets and key decision makers who attended, were in the main considering opening an independent veterinary practice for the first time. They approached us for finance and guidance on how to achieve this.

The top x4 questions they asked us were:

1. I want to start my own independent veterinary practice, what should I do first?

2. What is the future of joint venture partnerships?

3. Should I lease equipment or include it in my commercial loan application?

4. Is it possible to finance the purchase of a freehold or will it be too expensive?

We cannot stress enough the importance of communication with either your own bank or an alternative provider. Expertise and perhaps more importantly combined banking and veterinary sector knowledge is essential, to allow progression towards a timely and successful new business start-up.

Many banks have specific sectors of expertise, but what they don’t always have is an individual who can guide them with veterinary sector knowledge.

We do.

Our funding and acquisitions consultant Graham Scott, is a fully qualified Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, greatly experienced with forty years high street banking and ten years with national responsibility for the veterinary sector with Lloyds Bank. We think he is a bit of a one off! Since joining Shire in 2016 Graham has with Keith Dickinson (managing director) successfully completed many funding deals for vets in the UK.

If you would like to discuss your veterinary funding needs get in touch, alternatively you can download our digital Veterinary Practice Start Up Guide and our Veterinary Practice Business Plan Template designed by us exclusively for vets here:

Vet Practice Start Up Guide

Veterinary Practice Business Plan Template